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much with nothing to do with sandy. adam: let's reverse it. let's go to new york city. i saw better itry tunnel fill with water. mta swallowed 4 to $5 billion unexpected cost to get trains up and running. the money has to come from somewhere. it is appropriate in a disaster like this to turn to the federal government. are these things covered in this bill or is that money squandered? >> there is money for the federal transit administration which would help mta. there is money in here for the disaster relief fund which will help people in is disaster and future disasters. this will help the flood program because borrowing will have to increase by billions of dollars with this underwater program. there are things that are important and critical and legitimate. the problem there is so much other garbage thrown in here and things n necessary, that it just feeds the voter cynicism as you're talking about. adam: with 40 seconds left does it pass? i never known a bill congress didn't like that they put money into the pockets they could disperse. >> there is good chance it will pass the sen
meters are going up. san francisco has the second highest rate. 5.5 bucks an hour, followed by new york and los angeles at five bucks. never complain again when you're filling up the meter. david: unbelievable. it is time for melissa francis and money. >> i'm adam shapiro in for melissa francis. here's what's "money" tonight. brace for impact. senate majority leader harry reid says it looks like we'll head over the fiscal cliff. with just four days until the deadline can president obama and congress still pull out a deal in the nick of time? senator john hoeven of north dakota joins us to respond. >>> plus, a game-changer for the insurance industry. an auto insurer unveils new policies that charge by the mile, giving a big potential boon to drivers. can it drive the competition off the road? the ceo of metro mile is here to take the wheel. >>> and big beer companies putting beer goggles on their customers. the market for kraft beer is booming and big labels are battling to get a foothold but they may be using crafty tactics to sell you the same flat brew in different packaging. less fil
president of taxpayers for common sense. appreciate you being with us in new york city tonight. for instance some of the spending in this pork-ladened bill would provide one million dollars for trees in cemeteries. $4 million for sand dunes at kennedy space center. not beaches up here where they need dunes. $2 million for a new roof at the smithsonian is this bill really a relief bill or pork bill for mem, about of the congress? >> what you find, adam, basically they have caps on overall spending when. they do the emergency supply meant metals all of sudden the caps are irrelevant. all of sudden it is free cash. it is free-for-all for lawmakers trying to get money for the pet projects. you may get the smithsonian roofs may have been damaged by sandy but at time of budget crunch we have to prioritize and only do the most important and critical things. adam: isn't this thing turn voters against members of congress? we have cars for the fbi but office equipment. i don't recall superstorm sandy taking out washington, d.c. or the fbi headquarters? >> they may have had facilities in the area with
was trying to make a joke. more politics. this time the future mayor of new york has beenencouraging hillary clinton to run for his fice in 2011. the maayor thinks the ig gamble with think she is a perfect fit. clinton said she is not interested in the job. first of all, is it a step up? endo mayor of new york is abig deal. >> they do say he tandard line is that the second most important difficult job in the country is the mayor f new york city. that may o may not be true. hillary clinton wod consider this. sp down. >> is too mall a stage for her she's been on the global stage. >> only one person will convince hillary clinton to go back into the public world. that is her husband, bill clinton. and i amnhe side that says i don't ev think she wants to do ch cells after secretary of state she has bee around for awhile, taken a lot of heat. i thiik that she probably might want to just enj herlife. >> for four years and th run. >> i tok the 42nd street exi ramp and there was a huge pot hole. th first namehat came to ind was not mde cinton should fix this. of the shoe want to deal with all the m
was back there. outskirts of new york city. we would write the subway into manhattan and do our christmas shopping. in those days, the big day was today. maybe we are getting that back this year. it looks like today will be a good day. melissa: my dad would always tell me stories that they would wait until the day after christmas. will we see that this year? >> i think we have seen the deep discounts. i went out two weeks ago and bought a widescreen tv. it is already $200 cheaper. melissa: maybe you can take your receipt back and get an adjustment. on a scale of one to money, how great you think this christmas will be if we had sent out there judging? >> considering that it is 2012, not 2007 and became ill with guarded expectations a three. melissa: okay. not bad. >> it is christmas eve. people want good news. melissa: looks pretty good. peter, thank you so much. >> take care. melissa: time now for today's fuel gauge report. cold temperatures are dominated most of the country. mild weather ahead for early january. that lowers outlook for natural gas demand. buying a 50% stake in oil and n
negative for the fifth straight month the index which looks at manufacturing activity in the new york area fell to negative 8.1 in december from negative 5.2 in november november. >>> morgan stanley slapped with $5 million fine for the handling of the facebook ipo a massachusetts regulator says the bank had dishonest and unethical practices. morgan stanley shares are up slightly. >>> we start with the republican counteroffer in the fiscal cliff negotiations. john boehner talking about a flurry of anticipation now that he he is willing to raise taxes on people more than million dollars. a huge tep. not all republicans are happy with it. those hikes must be balanced by cutting entitlement programs. he spent more time with president obama today to try to hammer out a deal. we have a money power panel to sort this one out. roger altman, former deputy treasury secretary under president bill clinton. die an further got roth. and steve hays is a senior righter at "the weekly standard" and fox news contributor. welcome to all of you. roger, you think this is the real deal? >> well, i think the ch
new york and i love my plastic bags but my favorite chicago alderman wants to take them aw from me. he is pushing to get them out right banned in "the windy city." i ho mayor bloomberg isot listeng. he said it time to end the war on plastic bags. do you have too much money or plastic bags frankly. ♪ . ♪ . melissa: so you know the question. paper or plastic? well my next guest doesn't want to heart anymore. he wants to completely ban plastic bags throughout chicago for all businesses larger than 5000 square feet. i think there is a need for plastic bags. paper bags just as bad anyway. my favorite chicago auld sister man joe marino is here to disagree with me. thanks for coming back on the show. >> thanks, melissa for having me. melissa: what is your beef with plasticags? >> not my beef. other countries and other states. it is economic and environmtal issue. we use 3 billion with a b, melissa, in the city of chicago. every time we clean out a sewer and every time we clean a park and ery time we clean streets we pull the plastic bags out of the sewers and off the trees. they cost taxp
sometimes to go on the regular train. >> i love this. apparently if we had the high-speed rail, new york to d.c., god knows why you want to go to d.c. under hour which i love. americans love their cars. adam: bingo. >> china doesn't have competitive airline industry. we've got rival airlines that make it cheaper. adam: study said, i recall this a year ago, pointed out putting money united states is investing in high-speed rail into fixing our highways and creating different kinds of fueling spots, if you want to go electric would be far better use of the money than building high-speed rail. >> exactly. >> we have transportation trust fund's cross this country are broke. new jersey, for example, broke. you can't fix the roads. before we even get, i'm -- >> as for china also, you tell me. this is country still has le in its paint. ends up accidentally poisoning children with milk formula. i'm not riding that train. i'm not trusting them. adam: they have problems with high-speed train last year. >> people were killed. adam: on the other hand it is pretty cool. >> this is awesome. adam: cool
, @melissaafrancis. i loved your responses. i read them all. >>> coming up, i love new york and i love my plastic bags but my favorite chicago alderman wants to take them away from me. he is pushing to get them out right banned in "the windy city." i hope mayor bloomberg is not listening. he said it time to end the war on plastic bags. do you have too much money or plastic bags frankly. ♪ . hi, i'm phil miclson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but en joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest ings became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune syste it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your docr should test you for berculosis andiscuss whether you've been to a region where c
. the first ones were in the outskirts of new york city. when i was a small boy would ride the subway into manhattan and do our christmas shopping even though we lived in the suburbs that way. in those days the big day was today. they would stay open until midnight that day. this was the black friday. maybe we're getting that back this year because, people are so busy and they didn't have time to do everything they wanted on black friday. looks like today will be a good day. melissa: my dad would tell me stories they would wait until the day after christmas and buy the presents then because that is when the real sales were on. will we see deep discounts after christmas and are people waiting for that? >> i think we're seeing big discounsel. i bought a wide screen tv and it is already 200 bucks cheaper. i wish i had waited. melissa: that is painful. make take the receipt back and get it adjusted? >> i will live with it. melissa: you will live with it. on scale of money how great do you think the christmas would be, if we had santa judging one to money? >> considering it is 2012 and not
donalds. unions want fast workers paid more. the new "new york times" put thn the front page saying mcdonalds pays her $8, but she deserves $15 #. civil ights groups, union demands a higher living wage, and they may get it. [chanting] >> the big bad union like the big badolf like the government use force. if they want a $15 minimum, that's what employers must pay. that sounds good to people. everyone will get a raise. the problem comes from what is not seen. i can interview theguy who got a raise. i can't interview the guy who didn't open a mcdonalds because work rules were too onerous or those never fered a job because high union paid skills protected him out of a job. we don't know who those people are. they are the unscene victims of the government's protections. it's frustrating to explain the unseen. sometimes i fear no one understands so it's a
. >> some of this creeps me out a bit. "new york times" op-ed they write silly things and they said, people shld not live longer, you will lose purpose in life. i met a guy who said i am 69, if i make it to 75,'ll done, i've had it. don't you lose the edge? is there a natural cycle? >>guest: i think people tend to say that because they assum as you get older you also get ill but when thats the case, you do lose your lust for life but if you are healthy and energetic, there is so much more to do and you think about it, you never have enough time to do everything you want, do you? we need more time. >> there was a profile of the person, the billionaire who wrote the forward to your book, and it was silly, and a silly things they said was that this extending life is not a good ideabecause the technology will be available to rich people first and it will add to inequality. >>guest: that is a knee-jerk reaction but we hear that when you talk about any type of new technology. think when cell phones first came out. only the rich people had cell phones. yes, they were the size of a brick and you ca
in new york and new jersey, politicians are using that as an excuse to get as much money as they can. politicians in washington are turning if into a christmas tree, of pork-barrelspending. melissa: no you're thegrin much say forget. brian what do you say? >> well i would agree with that. you know the fema budget was 3 dalillion in the year 2000. this year it will be over $13 billion. at its peak it was 20 one after katrina. it has become a slush fund for local and state governments in a way for the federal government to redistribute monies to areas that are hit but in politically favored way. >> kirsten, do you want to save anyone's christmas on this list or we're throwing them all into the fire? >> like i said. i don't see them as bailouts. i see them as money spent the government has to honor. they can't just not pay debts that have been incurred in their name. once, the money has been spent. it is just lke the debt ceiling. people say don't raise the debt ceiling. sorry the mone is already spent. melissa: would you bail them out and shut them down then because they're not -- >> i
is that warn buffett is just wrong. and he lied or he did nobody was talking about when he said in "the new york times" if you have a good investment decision, you are not going to make it regarding any change in ta policy. we are seeing one of the biggest intergenerational transfers of wealth. wealth managers are built up with people trying to transfer millions to their kids before the taxes go up in the estate tax goes up. basically, we could be looking at a private stimulus package happening. >> you are talking about transferring 25 million-dollar houses from one rich person to another, right? >> you are buying stuff back and forth. the parents to give that to their kids. the estate tax is 35% on everything over $5 million and agosta 55%. anything over $1 million. it is horrible. melissa: dennis needs a break after running the 12 flights of stairs. this time this item is for christmas. this starbucks card will set you back $450. the card itself costs $50, then the card itself is $450 for the gift card. you cannot buy them at the store coming have to give them from >> of i spent
now fast-food workers in new york city are doing the exact same thing. it startedat the crack of dawn yesterday and culminated in a rally with hundreds of workers protesting theer at times square but here's the question. is this really the right time to be doing this with the holidays approaching? what about the millions of americans that currently have no job at all? here to discuss both sides are democratic strategist arlene maxwell and republican strategist ford o'connell. i will let you start. these folks are out there protesting. they're not make a lot of money. a lot of people are out of work. what is your take? >> going hungry and starving are two different things, right? these people are making $7.25 an hour which is, barely $300 every week if you're working full-time. a lot of them are limited and not able to even work full time. you shouldn't be working full time and have to live in a homeless shelter as one person interviewed yesterday said. you can't afford to feed your family. you need enough money for the basic necessities. melissa: ford, you know it is hard to imagine a
to be asking right now. >> now the film isn't even out yet. it is limited release in new york and los angeles on december the 28th. it opens nationwide on january 4th but conservative bloggers got a hold of the copy of the script. when they looked through it, melissa, they this is really one-sided piece that looks more like a hit job against fracking than a balanced look at the natural gas industry. melissa: i think it is interesting it was supposed to be about the impacts on salmon and all of sudden turned over to fracking which is so popular right now. they're keying on something a revolution in this country. what has the industry's reaction been like so far? what do they think? >> no question the industry is worried about this. i talked to one industry analyst thought this could be to the fracking industry what the film the china syndrome with jane fonda and jack lemmon was to the nuclear power industry. charles ebinger is analyst with the brookings institute. here is what he told me. >> matt damon will give a convincing actor, undoubtedly casting concerns about shale gas on horizon and th
: new columbia. where did they come up with that? >> new york, new jersey. melissa: i could see that. fred, what do you think?. >> i don't like it. a new democrats to spend money. there will be democratic congressman and democratic senators. all they do will spend money. if deal was split it evenly between democrats and republicans that bill would die in committee farcer than a bill requiring congress to get obamacare. if i'm democrats and i would love new columbia and new people to help vote and spend. melissa: sounds expensive. what will this cost me. >> more money. melissa: up next a british woman was fired from mcdonald's making a mack flurry with coworkers get this, too many sprinkles. she took mcdonald's to court but mcdonald's decided to settle. they're paying her five grand. what do you think about that. she put too many sprinkles on the mack flurry. >> dangerous employee. melissa: couldn't be first offense. >> i got to figure. i don't know. i'm not qualified to testify about the black market in sprinkles. melissa: yeah. >> looks like, only, personal use. no intent to distrib
dollars and cents. adam: in new york, nine out of tense cars the big problem is the driver in the other car. >> that is all across the country. adam: before we get to the fun game we want to do with you, is there any way to avoid this? are consumers pretty much freaked out right now and we'll start the year off poorly in the car industry? >> if you have a good credit rating you do have a new vehicle, one of the smartest things you can do is pick up incentives by end of the year. you have a few days left. great deals out there. use the incentives. use consolidation sites. go to the manufacturers, negotiate, if those cliff comes, people in really good position will be having a deal. adam: lauren loves must tanks. i love the new ford fusion. lauren can you maim this car? first car up. what is that? >> i'm trying to see what. looks like studebaker. adam: it is a studebaker. 53 star liner. next car. >> that is your kind of car. adam: that is my kind of car. >> looked like a cord. adam: 38 auburn. >> 38 auburn. adam: last car. >> make it a shell by. adam: what is that? >> hard to see, from he
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)